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   We realize how important the weather is to the success of your garden. Knowing what climactic zone you are in will determine what types of plants you are able to grow. Check out our zonal map to locate which zone you are in. Is it going to freeze tonight? Our weather page will give you an updated temperature forecast.

Click here to go directly to Environment Canada's weather page and 5 day forecast for Quesnel.


Zone Map
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British Columbia has zones ranging from one to nine, one being the harshest climates such as Puntzi mountain while zone 9 climates can be found around Vancouver island. As the map indicates most of the Quesnel, Williams Lake and Prince George regions fall into the zone 3 and 4 range. There are exceptions to this, for example areas of higher altitude with exposed locations such as Milburn Lake will most likely be a zone 2 while protected areas along the river basins may be a zone 5. Several micro climates may exist on one property. South and west slopes are not ideal for fruit trees as early budding is a common problem. Plants on these site may need a late fall or early spring mulch to hold them back a little, also low spots are often frost pockets that may reduce your growing season by a month or more. Typically lower growing plants will survive in climates harsher than their own climate ratings provided they are provided with a fall mulch or adequate snow cover.

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